Clausthaler Non-alcoholic Beer

Germany’s No.1, Now Brewed For India

Clausthaler makes it possible for you to enjoy a cold beer while keeping a cool head all day long. Its golden appearance and creamy foam are enough to convince any beer connoisseur. Today, Clausthaler is the world’s No.1 brand of non-alcoholic beer. It is a familiar name in over 50 countries. Brewed by the Radeberger Group, the current leader in the highly competitive German beer market, it is exclusively imported and distributed in India by Dalmia Continental.

Non-alcoholic Beer

The secret of Clausthaler’s success is its freshly flavoured, full-bodied taste, which results from a unique, patented brewing process that was developed over many years of research and experimental trials. Quality-conscious brewing in strict accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 guarantees highest product quality and unmatched taste stability.


The ingenious concept that makes Clausthaler taste exactly like beer is that alcohol is not extracted from the already brewed beer. Instead, alcohol is prevented from developing in the beer in the first place. All that can be revealed about the special Clausthaler brewing process is that it is brewed with traditional beer yeast grown specifically for this brand. The rest is a carefully guarded trade secret known only to the master brewer of Clausthaler.

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